Tuition & Fees


Based on hourly rates

After School tutoring, any subject or grade level $50 per hour

ACT Test Prep $50 per hour

Individual homeschool classes are determined on an individual basis. Contact us to learn more!


2021-22 School Year

$150  Application Fee

  • Due with application
  • Holds your child’s seat

$500 Instructional Supply Fee

  • Covers books, workbooks, novels, science supplies
  • Due before July 1

$8000 Annual Tuition

$7500 Kindergarten Tuition

  • Meet with Financial Secretary to make payment arrangements

  • Payable online

Summers at Brookside

Check individual descriptions under the Services tab

Summers at Brookside 

  • $100 per week
  • 4-day week, Mon – Thurs
  • 9:00 – 11:30 am

Check the Services tab later this spring to learn more about the schedule and topics.

Financial Aid

While Brookside does not administer its own scholarship fund, it does participate in North Carolina’s Opportunity Scholarship, Disabilities Grants, and Educational Savings Account programs. These funds are distributed based on income or disability status. Please visit the NCSEAA website to learn more about these programs and to apply.

The window for the Opportunity Scholarship is open from February 1 until funds are depleted each year. The Disability Grant and ESA Application process is only open from February 1 – April 1. If you have specific questions about eligibility for these programs, please call our office and our Community Liaison would love to assist you in this area.