Vertical Training

Vertical Training

Our mission is to move every student upward in their achievement, confidence, motivation, and mindset. We meet students at their current levels and move them upward.

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Literacy Tutoring

We believe every child is different and has their own unique set of gifts and talents.  For this reason, the first session will consist of several short assessments in order to determine the appropriate starting point for each individual student.  Once assessments are evaluated, students in grades Pre-K through 2 will receive a series of intensive tutoring sessions, which will include a 5-tiered, balanced literacy approach.  Each session will be made up of the following five components:

Phonemic Awareness-In order to learn the foundation of reading and writing, students will notice and manipulate sounds in oral language in this component.  This will lead into work in Phonics where students will learn level-appropriate blending skills in order to decode unfamiliar words.  We believe there must be a balance between the sound of the spoken word (Phonemic Awareness) and the spelling pattern within words (Phonics).  Stories, songs, rhymes, and syllable segmentation are a few of the ways students will interact with words in this component of the session.

Fluency-Our goal for students is for them to read at the same pace they use when talking.  Reading fluency consists of speed, accuracy, and proper expression. Students must be able to read fluently in order to understand what they read both silently and aloud.  During each session students will practice fluency through the use of leveled sight words, poetry and song reading, and recorded readings where they listen to themselves. Students will track their data for this component during each session so that they can graph how much their fluency increases from the first to the last session.

Comprehension-A portion of each session will include skills for students to use when comprehending both fiction and nonfiction texts.  We will teach strategies that focus on summarizing, determining the main idea, and understanding story structure and text features.  In this component, students will learn how to think actively and determine a purpose for reading.

Vocabulary-Vocabulary instruction is critical to reading comprehension and fluency.  During this portion of the session, students will have the opportunity to use research-based games, graphic organizers, and activities in order to acquire new vocabulary for use in their reading, speaking, and writing lives.  

Writing-Written expression often lags far behind a student’s ability to read.  However, we know that when students receive direct writing instruction their reading fluency and comprehension improve.  Students will utilize sentence frames and graphic organizers in order to comprehend text and answer literature-based questions during each session.  

Individual student support or enrichment will be determined on a student-by-student basis after the conclusion of the initial assessments.  Parents will be updated on student progress monthly once initial goals are set.

Reading Comprehension Tutoring

For students who have the basics of reading but need help understanding what they read.  We determine areas of weakness from eight different reading skills in both literature and informational text. Typically best for students ranging from 3rd-8th grade or even higher.

We include vocabulary study as an essential component of comprehension. We use students’ learning styles and preferences to help them become comfortable with test formats and expectations.

Responsive Writing

Students are often required to demonstrate their comprehension with a written response. Whether it’s a 3rd grade standardized assessment or the SAT, writing is a valuable skill that all students need. We specialize in giving students the tools and steps needed to demystify the writing process. Available for any grade level.


Problem Solving u0026amp; Fluency

Mastery of basic math skills is essential for students to be successful in higher math classes. Ensure that your child has foundational number sense and is fluent in basic math facts. If math homework is challenging for parents and students, give us a call!