Summers at Brookside

Spend the Summer with Us!

Join us for our Summer Day Camps at our campus in Dunn, NC. Our Summers at Brookside Day Camps offer something for scientific and creative minds.  All summer camp sessions are Monday – Thursday, 9:00 – 11:30 a.m.

  • All sessions are $100 per week for each student and include all necessary materials and a snack.
  • T-shirts are available for an additional $15.
  • Seats are limited to 12 students per session.
  • For most camps, students must be rising first graders through rising sixth graders. See camp descriptions for individual requirements.

For dates and descriptions of the summer camp sessions, see below. 

To register, click the link below. After completing the online form, you will be sent an email invitation from our online payment system called Praxi Power. Use the link in the email to quickly set your account. Payment for camps and T-shirts are made through this online portal.

More detailed information will be sent about specific sessions a few weeks before the session date. This will include medical and emergency contact forms, balance and payment information. All balances must be paid in full by the first day of camp.

All camps take place on our campus at 804 W.Broad Street, Dunn, NC  28334. 

Camp Kindergarten

June 14-17

This camp is full. 

There is availability for the week of July 26.

Camp Kindergarten is for children who have not yet entered kindergarten. Students get an idea of what kindergarten will look like, on a small scale. A veteran kindergarten teacher will coach students in the fundamentals of how to get through their day. Students will review the foundational skills needed for success in kindergarten. Mix in some singing, playing games, and story time and you’ll have a full morning for your future kindergartener.

Daughters of the king 

June 14-17                                                                                                  Rising 1st – 6th grade girls

What does it mean to be a real princess? Learn from the Word what it means to be daughters of the King and all the privileges that go along with royal status. Nails and makeup, fashion, how to make things beautiful, and make others feel special are just a few of the topics covered this week.

Baking Imposters

June 14-17                                                                                                        Rising 1st – 6th graders

This camp is full


Have you ever eaten an “ice cream crab cake” or had a slice of “nacho normal cheesecake”? During this week of camp, young bakers will create delicious desserts masquerading as savory meals as they take on various baking challenges. If the idea of creating a fake-out food excites you, then join us for a week of Baking Imposters!

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Kickin’ It Soccer Camp

June 14 – 17                                                                                                Rising 1st – 6th graders

Whether you’re a champ or a rookie, get out there and get moving with an experienced soccer coach as your guide. Students of all ages and skill levels will learn the basics and sharpen their skills. Will you be the game-changer?


Young Masters Art Camp

June 21-24                                                                                                        Rising 5th – 10th graders

Do you ever imagine strolling along the River Seine while creating a French Impressionist masterpiece? Have you ever wanted to paint an abstract piece like Picasso or sculpt a clay modeling figure? Immerse yourself in the works of history’s greatest artists with a week at Young Masters Art Camp

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Let’s Get Physical!

June 21 – 24                                                                                                      Rising 1st – 6th graders

Tired of sitting in front of a screen? Get up and get moving! Get focused with yoga. Get balanced with gymnastics. Get active with fun games with friends.



June 21-24                                                                                              Rising 1st – 6th graders

This camp is full

Do you feel the need for speed? Did you know almost every machine is a combination of six simple machines? Learn how to build and make things go this week. Use your engineering skills to make your creation the fastest! 

wheel rim, rim of wheel, wheel
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June 28 – July 1                       

This camp is full!


Rising 1st – 6th graders

Ever wondered what makes things fly? Figure out how to overcome gravity using physics, force, and motion. Earn your wings as you problem-solve to build stomp rockets, gliders, and more.


Rhythm & Motion

June 28 – July 1                                                                                          Rising 1st – 6th graders

Want to learn the moves of your favorite TikTok dances? Want to join in when the line dancing starts? Master all the latest dance moves at Rhythm & Motion camp.


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Get off the couch

July 19 – 22                                                                                                        Rising 1st – 6th graders

Get your family out of the house and learn how to play (and keep score) corn hole, frisbee golf, bowling, and more. Take the ideas home and have even more fun!
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Math Xplosion

July 19 – 22                                                                                                        Rising 3rd – 6th graders

Remote learning got your math skills in the dumps? Join us for a week of math games! You’ll be a math whiz in no time as you learn and review numbers and operations. Don’t worry, no worksheets or boring videos here! Only hands-on learning, talking and laughing, and games with friends. It’s different than any other math class you’ve ever experienced!



July 19 – 22                                                                                                  Rising 1st – 6th graders

Origami? Geometry? How many different ways can you fold a piece of paper? Can you make a wallet? a dragon? a butterfly?  Can you put shape puzzles together from memory? Can you create pictures using only polygons? After a week of camp, you’ll be able to do all this and more!

origami, paper, folding
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Homestead D.I.Y.

July 19 – 22                                                                                                         Rising 1st – 6th graders

This camp is full! 

Do you enjoy making your own jewelry and clothing? Have you ever tie-dyed your own t-shirt or made your own soap? Become a DIY Homesteading master as you learn these and other essential skills in this fun, crafty, God-centered camp.


“So Dramatic” Theater Games

July 26-29                                                                                                  Rising 1st – 6th graders

Wish you could take center stage? This week learn how to wow a crowd with juggling, improvisation, singing and dancing from an exciting musical. You’ll be a star after this camp!
cinema, curtain, theater

SCRATCH coding

July 26-29                                                                                                  Rising 1st – 6th graders

Millions of students around the world  are using the Scratch coding language to create their own interactive stories, games, and animations. As young people create and share Scratch projects, they learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively, essential skills for everyone in today’s society.

jesus, christ, cross

Discovering Jesus

July 26-29                                                                                                      Rising 1st – 6th graders

Who is Jesus, no really, who is He? He’s one of the most famous, mysterious, beloved, unforgettable people from history. People are still talking about this carpenter’s son from 2,000 years ago. Why? Find out what the Bible has to say about Him, when, where, and why He was born and died so early, the miracles He performed and more. Then you can decide who He is to you!


Camp Kindergarten 2

July 26-29                                                                                                  Rising Kindergarteners

A second week of fun! The content of this week is different than the first week. Students can attend either or both!
Students get an idea of what kindergarten will look like, on a small scale. A veteran kindergarten teacher will coach students in the fundamentals of how to get through their day. Students will review the foundational skills needed for success in kindergarten. Mix in some singing, playing games, and story time and you’ll have a full morning for your future kindergartener. 
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