What We Can Offer

Brookside Christian Academy desires to support all students in their learning. We offer these services to any students, regardless of where they attend school.

Contact our office for fees, schedules, and more information.

Vertical Training

This program is perfect for students who need extra time or practice with reading and math learned in the classroom. One-on-one tutoring sessions assist students with their in-class content. Available to students who attend any school, any age/grade level, any subject, from phonics to calculus.

Educational Therapy

For students who have received excellent instruction in reading and math but continue to display a gap in learning. After assessing the student. research-based techniques are administered in a one-on-one setting with a licensed educational therapist. Sessions are designed with therapies unique to the student's weaknesses and strengths.

Homeschool Hybrid

Helping parents in areas of homeschool that can become a challenge. Homeschool students may join our day classes for select subtracts.

Summers at Brookside

Our summer day camps offer a wide variety of hands-on, active learning for students 1st-6th grades. See schedule and detailed descriptions for this year's version of Summers at Brookside.