Arrival window opens at 7:45 each morning. Students will be considered tardy after 8:15. The carpool line begins behind the BCA property in the Tyler Park & Athletic Complex parking lot. Students will exit their vehicles where they will be greeted by BCA staff and escorted into the building through the rear entrance.


Dismissal begins at 3:15. Students not staying for after-school care must be picked up before 3:30. Carpool procedure will be the same as for arrival.

Carpool Procedures

It is important that we all work together to have a safe and efficient carpool system. Thank you in advance for adhering to the following carpool procedures.

Morning Arrival

  • Morning Carpool begins at 7:45 am.
  • Prior to the start of carpool, cars may begin lining up in a single file line at the back of the building.  The traffic pattern will begin at the back gate of the Brookside campus and proceed through the parking lot adjacent to the Tyler Park tennis courts.
  • If the number of cars in line exceeds the space in the parking lot, cars should line up along North General Lee Avenue in order that they may turn directly into the parking lot when the carpool line moves forward.
  • Students should not exit the vehicle until staff members are in place to receive students at 7:45 am.  
  • If you are the first car in the carpool line, please stop when you arrive at the first designated cone.   
  • Be sure to pull all the way forward when in the carpool lane and come to a complete stop directly after the car in front of you. 
  • There will be 3 traffic cones and staff members at the designated stopping locations along the carpool lane. 
  • Students will exit from the vehicle from the passenger side only; students are not permitted to exit from the driver’s side of the vehicle. 
  • Students should be able to get themselves in and out of their seat belts. Staff will help if assistance is needed for younger children in PreK and Kindergarten. 
  • For the safety of all families, parents should not get out of the car. 
  • Once your child has exited the car, please wait for the car(s) in front of you to pull forward and exit the carpool lane. 
  • Students arriving after 8:15 am will need to be walked in by a parent and signed in through the front office.

Afternoon Dismissal

  • Afternoon dismissal begins at 3:15 pm.  
  • Traffic patterns for dismissal will run in the same manner as morning arrival.
  • Students not attending after-school care must be picked up by 3:30 pm. 
  • Any student not picked up by 3:30 pm will stay in after-school care until a parent arrives.  Parents will be responsible for the cost of after-school care for any day their child attends as a result of a late pick up.

Daily Schedule

All students will receive approximately the same amount of instructional minutes for each content area.

  • ELA 90 minutes*
  • Math 90 minutes
  • Bible 30 minutes*
  • History 45 minutes*
  • Science 45 minutes
  • Electives 45 minutes

*ELA/Bible/History are integrated for a total of 165 minutes across the day.